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It has been a busy couple of years in the Internet of Things world and an interesting time to be in engineering and security. Copper Horse has been working on a number of product projects which are Internet of Things related. We’re pleased to be part of the Internet’s next big step. Let us introduce to you IoT Intelligent Door Monitoring from “The Motion Project”.


We’ve recently been spending time looking at kinematics and specifically how we can make doors more intelligent. As a result we have a prototype which is ready to go to the next stage. Currently being developed as part of our internal IoT research and development work, “The Motion Project” along with our in-house developed IoT device engine, “Horse Power”, we’ll be airing more details at the Smart Oxford Challenge on the 18th of September 2015. We will be talking to interested customers and partners over the next few months to develop this further.




Here’s a little taster of what we’ll be talking about.


About the Product

The Motion Project has enabled us to develop a product for doors that enables us to detect, intelligently analyse, report and respond to motion. The prototypes we have in place already are placed on interior doors, fences, garage doors and even in drawers. We’re able to give a picture of events as they happen at a micro-level, feeding back into systems that can then use this data to complement information from other sensors and react to it. The end product will be designed to be discreet and extremely simple to retrofit or install and use with a variety of different services.


The majority of competing products on the market are looking at locking doors, we’re trying to open them.


Your Privacy is Paramount

One of the unique features of our product is that we are applying our security and privacy expertise to establish a new privacy paradigm for users. In our solution, the user is entirely in control.


• Don’t want to send any data at all? That’s fine.
• Want to only allow a certain person to see the data? OK by us.
• Don’t want to pass over your exact location? You can make it as vague as you like or not at all
• Want to setup private time? Cool.
• Restrict a zone entirely? You can do that too.
• Want to keep it all local to your network? No problem.


We believe your data is yours and only you should dictate what you do with it. We will never re-sell any data or use it for anything other than the primary purpose of the service. With that in mind, we’ve designed our product to allow you to setup preventative security policies which will specifically prevent hardware features being accessed, based on your needs and choices.


Connecting to the Internet and Smart Services

We have deliberately designed our solution to work within both constrained and permissive environments which means we can connect our solution over various radio networks from low-power, low-bandwidth such as LoRa or SIGFOX through to WiFi or LTE cellular based networks.


In terms of the types of services we can connect to and interface with, we aim to steadily roll out some prototype implementations beginning with the UbiApps platform, IFTTT, HyperCat and SmartThings.



Some areas that we have already identified that this solution will be applicable (amongst many others):


• Smart home – complementing existing smart home solutions to make more intelligent decisions.
• Energy cost reduction and efficient buildings – identifying areas where heat is being lost.
• Building Access and occupancy monitoring – get data on traffic flows through buildings.
• Security monitoring – for areas that should not be accessed.
• Assisted Living – for elderly family members and for carers, provides additional re-assurance and independence without being overly intrusive.
• Monitoring of vulnerable individuals – discreet monitoring without cameras for victims of domestic violence
• Remote site monitoring – receive instant alerts if a gate is opened to a field or forest road
• “True” IoT – some use cases will allow for publicly open sensors that can be read by anyone over the internet (such as canal lock gates or bridges for example).
Our Work and the Team

This work has also been an exploitation of our continued work on the InnovateUK sponsored Picosec project, along with our partners NquiringMinds and the University of Oxford. By applying our work from that project around security and particularly security policy use cases, we have been able to apply our knowledge and test some security theory.


We have a world-leading team of experts working on this who have a combination of security, embedded software development, algorithm design and electronics skills. As members of both the GSMA and W3C, we are also committed to utilising and contributing to open IoT standards.


Of course we have a lot more to say about what our product can do and future plans for other products from the “The Motion Project”, but we’ll keep that all under wraps for now. Watch this space for further developments.


For more information, please contact:


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