Copper Horse wins Most Innovative Startup Award


We’re extremely pleased that Copper Horse was given the “Most Innovative Startup” Award at Smart IoT London event for the Motion Project (now called Extrasensory). The project is aimed at increasing situational awareness by detecting and alerting to motion where that data would normally be lost. This could be doors, drawers – pretty much anything that can move. We’re still in the early phases but we have functioning prototypes and are dealing with a huge amount of interest from potential investors.


We also plan to change the way that people think about IoT and to show that there is another way of doing things that doesn’t involved grabbing lots of user data and breaching privacy on a wholesale basis.


More details on the award and an interview with David Rogers are here.


David Rogers receiving the Most Innovative Startup Award for Extrasensory
David Rogers receiving the Most Innovative Startup Award for Extrasensory




Copper Horse at Smart IoT London – stand IL16

If you’re interested in our Motion Project or IoT security, come and meet us at the Smart IoT event at ExCel in London on the 12th and 13th of April 2016. We’ll have a stand in the InnOvaTe Launchpad, IL16.


Our CEO, David Rogers will be speaking in two sessions:


12th April:

Security of Things Theatre
What if we approached security in a different way for IoT? How can products and services be designed to both protect consumers whilst managing the risk of attack? This talk will discuss the problems of privacy and security in IoT and prevention strategies for avoiding becoming sitting ducks for attacks which pivot into corporate networks or cause catastrophic problems with physical, human consequences.


13th April:

InnOvaTe Launchpad
Mobile industry security expert David Rogers explains how the Copper Horse Motion Project takes a different approach to IoT. He shows how it is possible to respect user decisions and privacy whilst providing useful services and even open data.
View the full programme of speakers, it should be a great event and we look forward to seeing you there!